Andhamemo Istaraku Song Video | Don Seenu Movie | Ravi Teja, Shriya Saran, Gopichand Malineni

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Don Seenu is a 2010 Telugu Language Movie directed by Gopichand MalineniAndhamemo Istaraku song from this Ravi Teja, Shriya Saran  starrer Don Seenu, is composed by the music director Mani SharmaBhaskarabhatla Ravi Kumar has provided the Lyrics for this song: Andhamemo Istaraku, while Hemachandra, Malavika have provided the voice.

Song Details:

Movie:Don Seenu
Song Title:Andhamemo Istaraku
Movie Director :Gopichand Malineni
Music Director:Mani Sharma
Singer(s):Hemachandra , Malavika
Lyrics By:Bhaskarabhatla Ravi Kumar


Andhamemo Istaraku Video Song from the Movie Don Seenu

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Andhamemo Istaraku Song Lyrics in English

Andhamemo istaraku madatha chusthe mavidakhu
andhamemo istaraku madatha chusthe maavidakhu
thaluku bheluku thamaraku thadimi chusthe thamalaapaku
inni vunde andhaka pothe maha sirrakhu
ye he chirakhu chadda chirakhu

Chakhu la chelarega makhu
medha meedhaki dhuka makhu
langaresi laga makhu
sandhu chusi dhuvva makhu
nenu vachi alluku potha
nuvvu ramaku aha ramaku itu ramaku vuvuvuvu

Bangaru pitta vampula putta
sompulla chitta chustha vunte noo ruu re

Chimala putta champakhu itta
muddhula patta kavalante le ja re

Ammayi ammayi icekantham minghave
guppedu gundenu pattuku lagaveeeee

Allade pillade mirchi la vunnade
mentor vante khi mantalu pettadeeee

Dhimma thirigi bommadi poyeeee
na dhimaaku dhim dhimaku dham dhamakhu dhamakhu

Athharu buddi…


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