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Anaganaga Oka Uru song is from 2017 Telugu Language Movie Hello. Hello movie is directed by Vikram Kumar. Although there are many other important performances by other actors in this movie, Akhil Akkineni, Kalyani Priyadarshan have played the main lead roles. Important Contributors behind this popular song include: Music Director Anup Rubens, LyricistChandrabose, and the lead singer(s) Sri Dhruthi

Song Details:

  • Movie Name: Hello
  • Song Title: Anaganaga Oka Uru
  • Movie Director: Vikram Kumar
  • Music Director: Anup Rubens
  • Singers: Sri Dhruthi
  • Lyricist: Chandrabose
  • Movie Language: Telugu

Anaganaga Oka Uru Video Song from the Movie Hello

Anaganaga Oka Uru Video Song from the Movie Hello is well received by the audience. The Video Song has reached more than 15M views since the song is uploaded on YouTube.

Annapurna Studios is the original owner of this Video Song, hence copying this Video song in any form is considered as a Copyright Violation as per YouTube, Indian and American Copyright Laws.

Anaganaga Oka Uru Song Lyrics in English

Anaganaga oka uru
Anukokunda oka naadu
Kalisaare pasivallu snehanga

Santhoshamantha rekkaluga
Rivvantu yegire pakshuluga
Aakasamantha aataadukuntu
Unnaru saradhaga

Okaremo seenu okkaremo junnu
Kalisaare prananga
Kurisaare varshanga
Paatemo seenu aatemo junnu
Okatai yedhigaare madhuranga

Prapanchamantha thama illantu
Prathi kshanam oka pandugaga
Kanneeru leni kalale kantu
Chinnari chelime balapadaga

Thiya thiyyani oosulatho
Thela thellani manasulalo
Katha ilaaga modhalayyegaa
Katha ilaaga modhalayyegaa

Anaganaga oka ooru
Anukokunda oka naadu
Kalisaare pasivallu snehanga

Yegirina budakalalona chelime
Urikina padavalalona chelime
Rangula ratnamlo chelime
Chindhulu vesindhe

Minuguru velugulalona chelime
Tholakari thenelalona chelime
Gaajula galagalalo chelime
Sandhadi chesindhe

Ee gnyaapakaalanni nilechenu le
Mee jeevithaaniki balamai nadipenule

Ee saakshyale anubhandhala
Bhavanaaniki sthanbhaale

Anaganaga oka ooru
Anukokunda oka naadu
Kalisaare pasivallu snehanga

Thelapani kaburulalona chelime
Thiragani malupulalona chelime
Dhorakani choopulalo chelime
Dhosili nimpindhi

Jarigina nimishamulona chelime
Yeragani maru nimishana chelime
Kaalam chekkililo chelime
Chukkai merisindhe

Chinanaadu muripinche ee guruthule
Kanaraani dhaarini choope mee guruvule
Undaalantu ee bathukantha
Ee maatalaki kattubade

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