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Amar Akbar Anthony is a 2018 Telugu movie featuring Ravi Teja playing 3 main character that is Amar, Akbar & Anthony. This is Ravi Teja’s 4th Action Thriller movie under Sreenu Vaitla direction. After such a long waiting we are finally seeing Illena back in the Telugu movie industry with this movie. Apart from action, we are also going to witness an amazing comedy with Vennela Kishore and others.

Amar Akbar Anthony 2018 Box Office Collection and Review

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Amar Akbar Anthony Full Movie Download

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One of Ravi Teja’s biggest hit for 2018 is Amar Akbar Anthony and the movie has an amazing story. There is no doubt that people might be searching for Amar Akbar Anthony Full Movie Download and here will guide you to Download movie legally.

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Ravi Teja’s Amar Akbar Anthony Box Office Collections

Amar Akbar Anthony 18 days, Total worldwide Box Office Collections are 35.80 Cr

1st Day Box Office Collections4 Cr20 Lakhs55 Lakhs7.20 Cr
2nd Day Box Office Collections4.10 Cr25 Lakhs35 Lakhs8.10 Cr
3rd Day Box Office Collection3.50 Cr15 Lakhs25 Lakhs4.20 Cr
4th Day Box Office Collections1.50 Cr10 Lakhs15 Lakhs2.10 Cr
5th Day Box Office Collections1.20 Cr10 Lakhs12 Lakhs1.80 Cr
6th Day Box Office Collection1.10 Cr8 Lakhs10 Lakhs1.60 Cr
7th Day Box Office Collections1.05 Cr6 Lakhs8 Lakhs1.50 Cr
8th Day Box Office Collections1.10 Cr5 Lakhs5 Lakhs1.40 Cr
9th Day Box Office Collection1.05 Cr4 Lakhs4 Lakhs1.30 Cr
10th Day Box Office Collection1.25 Cr6 Lakhs5 Lakhs1.50 Cr
11th Day Box Office Collection75 Lakhs4 Lakhs3 Lakhs90 Lakhs
12th Day Box office collection68 Lakhs3 Lakhs6 Lakhs75 Lakhs
13th Day Box office collection55 Lakhs2 Lakhs2 Lakhs65 Lakhs
14th Day Box office collection22 Lakhs2 Lakhs2 Lakhs25 Lakhs
Total Box Office Collections22.05 Cr1.21 Cr1.88 Cr35.05  Cr


Ravi Teja’s Amar Akbar Anthony Public Talk

Amar Akbar Anthony 2018 Review

Both Ravi Teja and Srini Vatla are in troubles without a successful film for some time. They have created a huge hype by aggressive marketing for this movie. Due to this hype, there were huge expectations on this film from the Audience. But seems that the film failed to meet those expectations with an average routine story and a similar result in other areas.

Actors Performance

Ravi Teja’s performance as Amar is excellent, he is able to justify the role very well. His performance in other two characters Akbhar and Antony does not seem natural though the comedy is okay to an extent. With this film, Ileana D’cruz is back to Telugu Movies after a long time. Though she seems to gain some weight, she looked beautiful and her performance is eye-catching. After some gap, Sunil stated to play comedy roles, but it seems the Director is not able to utilize his talent well in this movie. After a long time, Shinde got a good role and he has done well in his role of Jalal Akbhar. The other actors including the three Villians Tarun Arora, Aditya Menon, and Vikramjeet performed decently.

This a routine Revenge Drama is stitched with some scenes from New York City Dropback. The Story is not able to live up to the expectations of the audience. The comedy which is a typical trademark of Ravi Teja’s movies also is not great though it is okay on bits and parts. The lyrics by Taman are okay and the background score is good. The most interesting aspect of this movie is its Cinematography, every frame is beautiful and Lavish, and the Editing is fine, if not great. Producers spent well to make a rich film, but we need to wait and see whether this film will make enough money at the box office. Based on the initial feedback it seems difficult.

Overall Rating:   2.5 / 5

Amar Akbar Anthony 2018 Highlights

  • Amazing Action Scenes,
  • This is the perfect combination of comedy & action,
  • Good work on dialogs

Amar Akbar Anthony 2018 Drawbacks

    • Same Action Scenes

Amar Akbar Anthony Rating

This movie is an Average one-time watch movie. for those who are a big fan of Ravi Teja will definitely love to watch this movie the drawback we found in this movie is the monotonous comedy seen in his film. below is our Amar Akbar Anthony rating

Ravi Teja’s Performance3.5/5

Amar Akbar Anthony 2018 Review
  • Direction
  • visuals
  • Cinematography
  • Music
  • Screenplay
  • Lyrics
  • Comedy
  • Ravi Teja's Performance
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