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HDMediaHub platform does support Sponsored Articles for advertisers who want to share their business on our website. With our Sponsered Articles service, you can target brand/campaign directly on our website. But, you need to follow the Below given Guidelines.

Submission guidelines

  1. The article must be a minimum of 500 words
  2. All the articles must pass through the plagiarism test
  3. Make sure that the content is relevant to our audience
  4. The article should be an information based article
  5. The Article should not be of hate speech.

Write for us – Guest Post hosts a number of Authors writing on entertainment and movies. We welcome entertainment and movie bloggers and experts to write for us as guest authors. Our authors strictly follow the guidelines published by us to maintain the Quality of the content that we publish.

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  1. The Article shall have 700 words in length. Of course Quality matters more than the quantity, but 700 words quality content is better than 700 words trash.
  2. The content has to pass the Plagiarism check. The spun content is not allowed, though it passes Plagiarism Check. We have our own methods to identify Spun Articles. All the articles are published after review only. In case we find any spun content, we will take necessary action against the article or the author if required. 
  3. Proper External Links to Authority Sites. Every Article shall link to at least two to three authority Sites so that the content is relevant and it proves that the Author has done proper research. 
  4. Content shall be relevant to our audience. Please look around on our website and have an understanding of our content and our audience. the content shall relate to our audience and shall add value to them. 
  5. Articles about Drugs, Betting, and Casino is allowed. So in case you have any such inquiries, please do not waste your time by asking us, we will not respond.

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