Adugesthe Song Lyrics, Video Song, Golconda High School

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Adugesthe song is from 2011 Telugu Language Movie Golconda High School. Golconda High School movie is directed by Mohan Krishna Indraganti. Although there are many other important performances by other actors in this movie, Sumanth, Swati Reddy have played the main lead roles. Important Contributors behind this popular song include: Music Director Kalyani Malik, Lyricist Srivennela Seetharamasasthry , and the lead singer(s) Anuradha Palakruthi

Song Details:

Movie Name:Golconda High School
Song Title:Adugesthe
Movie Director:Mohan Krishna Indraganti
Music Director:Kalyani Malik
Singer(s):Anuradha Palakruthi
Lyrics By:Srivennela Seetharamasasthry


Adugesthe Video Song from the Movie Golconda High School

Adugesthe Video Song from the Movie Golconda High School is well received by the Audience. The Video Song has reached more than 2 M views since the song is uploaded on YouTube.

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Adugesthe Song Lyrics in English

adugesthe andhe dhuramlo hello ho ho ho
adigo aa thaaraa theeram lo chalo ho ho ho
atu chudu yentha thaluko
adhi vacchi vaalenanuko
kanulinta yentha velugo chusuko
idhi neti aadha marupo
marunaati melukolupo
venuventa velli ipude thelchuko
adugesthe andhe dhuramlo hello ho ho ho

kondantha baaram kuda theliggaa anipisthundhi
gundello sandhehalemi lekunte
gandaalu sudigundallo vunde vuntayanukunte
sandhram lo saage naava natayam chesthunnatuntundhe
ee naava pothunte ye maargam ninu yenaadu aapadhani
saradhagaa dhusukelipo kadadhaaka aagananuko
kalaganna repunipude kalusuko

vuthsaaham parugulu theesthu
vishranthe vaddhanukunte
aayaasam kuda yentho haayeli
poratam kuda yedho aatalle kanbaduthunte
gaayalu gatra chalaa maamule anipisthaayanthe
ne gamyam yedhainaa vellalegaani
rammante raadhu kadha
prathi paata kottha malupe
prathi puta aasha merupe
prathi chota gelupu pilupe thelusuko

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