Aaru Full Movie Download – 2005 Tamil

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Aaru Full Movie Download

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Aaru is a 2005 Tamil language Action thriller film Movie Directed by HariSaran has produced Aaru under the banner: Gemini Productions. When we consider the Casting of this movie, the lead roles are played by Suriya, trisha, Vadivelu, while the supporting cast includes Ashish Vidyarthi, Kalabhavan Mani, Malavika Avinash. Music is composed by the Music Director Devi Sri Prasad, while Hari has provided the screenplay.

Aaru Song

Super South Tamil had already released Aaru Full Movie on YouTube, which is well received by the Audience. The Song has reached more than 4,560,977 views since the song is uploaded on YouTube.

Aaru Cast & Crew

Movie Name:Aaru
Release Date:2005-12-09
Ashish VidyarthiVishwanathan
Kalabhavan ManiPolice Officer
Malavika AvinashVishwanathan sister
Jaya Prakash ReddyReddy
Movie Director(s):Hari
Movie Producer(s):Saran
Production Company:Gemini Productions
Music Composer(s):Devi Sri Prasad

Aaru Full Movie Story

A gangster, with his partners, is chosen to work for a criminal gang and he becomes the left-hand man of the leader. The leader declares war against another criminal and the gangster has to protect him despite losing his friends.

Suriya maintains his own gang with his friends and he earned money by his gang to live. Surya becoming the Well known gangster after that politician uses his gang to grow his leadership. and during the time for the settlement, he saw heroin, some days later heroin fall in love with him. He misunderstands the heroin initially finally he understands heroin and married her. Cause of Politicians selfish nature hero lost his gang friends finally.

Aaru Full Movie Review

Aari is an Action Movie, in this movie a lot of action sequences and in between love story. How politicians use gangsters his dirty politics and murdered to opponents. Hari perfectly projects the action elements and Trisha acting Innocence work in this movie, Suriya tries a different look and different zoner.

Aaru Full Movie Download in Tamil

Aaru movie broadcasting on television many times, so no need to download the movie in illegal streaming sites. Hdmediahub.co provides legal information for concern movie in this article.  Aaru  Full Movie Download on legal streaming sites help for the better society and filmmakers and movie crew. Watch Aaru movie is streaming on some of legal streaming sites. Watch AAru Full movie Available on YouTube in this Article we place the video of the Aaru movie. click to here link on Youtube for watching the movie.

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Aaru Movie Review
  • Direction
  • Screenplay
  • Dialogues
  • Action
  • Music

Excellent Movie

Aaru is a good action thriller film. Surya’s acting as well. The story was well directed by Hari. All the characters have done their performance well.

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