Aaha Kalyanam Full Movie Download – 2014 Telugu


Aaha Kalyanam Full Movie Download

Aaha Kalyanam is a 2014 Telugu Romantic comedy movie, directed by A. Gokul Krishna. The movie is produced by Aditya Chopra under Yash Raj Films. In the lead roles are Nani and Vaani Kapoor. The supporting cast includes Karthik Nagarajan,  Bagava Gopi, and M.J. Sriram. Yash Raj Films has provided the Screenplay, while Dharan Kumar has provided the Music. Below in this article, you can find the details about Aaha Kalyanam Full Movie Download and where to Watch Aaha Kalyanam Full Movie Online.

Shakti(Nani) is an aimless graduate, he didn’t know what to do with his life. One fine day, he meets Shruthi(Vaani Kapoor) at a wedding and becomes friends with her. Shruthi is an ambitious girl, she wants to start up her own wedding planning company.

One day, Shakti’s dad Call him to come back to his village and take care of their family business. In order to avoid his dad, Shakti lies to him, he is doing a wedding planning business. He makes his lie as a truth, he meets Shrtuhi and requests her to make him her partner in the wedding planning business.

Shakti starts anger on Shruthi, and after a lot of debates, she agrees to partner with Shakti. They launch a wedding planning company called Getti Melam. As time passes by, their company becomes a huge success and Getti Melam becomes the talk of the town. One fine day when Shruthi and Shakthi are celebrating their success, a small incident changes the dynamics of their personal relationship and both part ways.

Cast & Crew

Vaani KapoorShruthi
Badava GopiHyder
Karthik NagarajanGk
Gokul KrishnaDirector
Aditya ChopraProducer
Dharan KumarMusic Director

Aaha Kalyanam Full Movie Download

Aaha Kalyanam Full Movie Download is already Broadcasting on TV from past few months after its release. Therefore, there is no sense of downloading the movie from Illegal Websites.

The Film Industry responds to the piracy that they spend a lot of money and invest effort and resources in getting the IP products to the market since they have to take care of costs such as royalties for the creators, marketing expenses, and other expenses that need to be recovered. Due to piracy, huge losses and couldn’t recover the invested amount. Aaha Kalyanam Full Movie Download on legal streaming sites.


Where to watch Aaha Kalyanam Full Movie Online?

This Movie was now streaming on legal websites Aaha Kalyanam Movie is now available on Amazon Prime Video. click the below link to watch the movie and enjoy with your families to watching and sharing the movie. Watch Aaha Kalyanam Full Movie Online is on Amazon Prime Video app

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