8 Types of Movies You Can Choose

Movies can be exciting. It’s either you like the characters, theme, or plot. Either way, there’s always a reason why you enjoy a specific type of movie. People have different tastes and likes. When people buy or download movies, they look out for a particular character or genre. Below in this article, we will cover the 8 Types of Movies You Can Choose.

8 Types of Movies You Can Choose
8 Types of Movies You Can Choose

There are types of movies that anyone can choose from the list. Films can either be divided in terms of their length and period. It can either be a short film or a series that runs for so many years. It can also be divided in terms of genres. You can use movies from any genre to watch them together with your friends online, using platforms like Twitch that allow multiple participant streaming sessions. You are going to need to first boost the engagement your session is going to get so that lots of people will enjoy the movie of your choice once you get together.

The following are some of the significant divisions of movies in different genres.

1. Action Movies

As the name suggests, these are the types of movies that mainly consist of action. It is primarily characterized by people fighting either physically or using guns, swords, bombs, and other weapons. 

The film has explicit energy and a lot of impactful things happening simultaneously. Some of the actors end up dead or fight to survive. Such movies grab the attention of the viewers because you want to know if your favorite character will survive or not. 

2. Adventurous Films

These types of films mainly entice those who love exploring and traveling for the sake of adventure. These movies mainly comprise past tales of extinct creatures like legends, the history of Eskimos, and treasure hunts. It also gives stories of exciting and exotic stories of fairies and mermaids.

3. Comedy

This type of movie is mainly for those who like laughing and being happy.  The film’s primary purpose is to entertain the audience with laughter and jokes. It is mainly for amusement. It can be a standup comedy by one person. It can also be movies that have funny characters that create amusing scenes. It can also be a series of comic events in the film. They are light-hearted series of drama that aims to create humor.

4. Crime

As the name suggests, it mainly revolves around criminals who never learn. This movie aims at instilling morality in the community. It helps children understand that they can be caught when they do something wrong or against the law. The criminal can also end up dead or in prison. The actors mainly comprise detectives, and a lot of investigation is conducted. It shows the life of people who are murdered, gang leaders, lawbreakers or drug dealers. Such people can be showcasing a real-life story or a fictional one.

5. Drama

Dramatic people always find a way to keep you glued to your seat. This is a movie that showcases conflict, family struggles, realistic people and political conflicts. Drama can be focusing on life battles and fights with themes such as the journey of poverty to riches, society illness, corruption of power, division of classes, and other forms of violence.

6. Horror

These are scary movies that can cause a rash on the skin. The film aims to scare its viewers. It can be associated with real creatures such as sharks and other wild animals. It can also be about fake creatures such as vampires and zombies. Horror movies can also be about real-life events like the end of times and the Antichrists. The scenes can be disturbing and can even cause nightmares. However, some people find it interesting to feel the adrenaline and goosebumps running down their spine.

7. Romance

The world of love has a lot of stories that movies tend to showcase. It can be related to love stories and love affairs related to the heart, emotions, feelings, and romantic environment. 

Romantic movies tend to give people fantasies that revolve around love. The plot mainly involves a search for love and the story behind it. It can showcase heartbreaks and get back together. It ends by showing how the boy gets to the girl and vice versa. Watching such a romantic love story with your loved one can help strengthen your love and perhaps make you love each other even more.

8. Sci-Fi

These films have a scientific nature. It is a movie in which science gets to explain the nature of events. It can either be fun to watch or have a horrifying nature and scenes. Some even go beyond to use art, thoughtful imaginations, advanced technology, and expert production of films. It also has special effects that are used to create fantasy.

Movies use different styles to showcase a particular theme or message. Sometimes people know the film by the actor’s name but do not know the type of genre. You can use the above titles to search for the kind of movie you want to watch. 

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