6 Best free Streaming Service  

6 Best free Streaming Service  
6 Best free Streaming Service

If you plan on controlling your monthly TV bill, then cutting the cable cord seems the best option for you. As rather than spending $100/ month on some mainstream TV channels, you can easily spend on a few streaming services, for example, Hulu or Netflix, and save up a considerable sum of money.

Moreover, you can even adopt some extreme services and make sure that your TV bill is near zero dollars a month. This can be done by using free streaming services. These online services enable you to watch hours of TV daily by literally spending nothing.

So whether you are planning to chase that TV bill of zero dollars or you are only trying to get rid of those paid subscriptions with a couple of more things to watch, here we have lined up six best free streaming TV services for you to ease your search; let’s have a look!


Tubi may not be as famous as Hulu or Netflix, but it is not staying behind any of these as it was known for crossing 33 million monthly active users last year and is also known to be acquired by Fox.

 Moreover, it has a huge library for shows and movies, and it also offers access to free local newscasts and free news channels that Fox affiliates with all over the country. Also, by creating an account, you can arrange your watch list across your devices.

Los Movies

Los Movies is one famous name among the free movie streaming websites. If you love to watch movies online, you will know this website for sure. This free movie streaming platform comes up with the latest TV shows, movies, and other things at zero cost. It is easy to use the website, and you can arrange the film in the categories of latest, 3d movies, free movies, subtitle or English subtitles, and so on. At the top of the menu, you will see a slide of options to sort out the content as per your interest.

Los movies also enable you to retrieve a list of movies that are currently shown in the theaters. It also informs you about new releases or upcoming movies daily in the theaters. Information like movie synopsis, trailer, and casts, everything is available there. So if you are searching for some easy way to check movie showtimes it is your place to go.

Hoopla and Kanopy

Most of the free streaming websites we come across are usually ad-supported; however, Hoopla and Kanopy offer features like commercial-free shows and movies through their libraries across the country. All you require is a library card, and then you can skim through the titles on-demand with the help of Hoopla and Kanopy’s apps.

However, there is a limit on the number of shows and movies you can watch per month, and it varies from library to library. Kanopy allows several films from its Criterion Collection, so you may not have to pay $11/month for its standalone services.


Pluto TV played a significant role in popularizing the idea of free streaming service with cable-style channels and round-the-clock. The lineup is unparalleled, though. It is an excellent service for shows that have a massive reliance on background noise, so you can also enjoy it with cable. Pluto TV has an increasing selection of on-demand shows and the latest movies too.

PBS and PBS Kids

If you can access your local PBS channel through an antenna, you still have a chance to watch most of the programs that are on-demand for free through the PBS Kids and PBS app. It gets new episodes as soon as they are broadcasted, and it allows you to access a free live stream in several markets. This service is available on Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Ios, Roku, Android, and web.


Do you wish to watch the live-streaming of weather forecast that too without a cable? You have two options either pay for the whole TV bundle to access the Weather Channel, or you can download WeatherNation, which provides you with a similar free experience of meteorologist-on-a-green screen.

These are some of the websites that include Subsmovies that provide you with the best free streaming services related to movies and TV shows.


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