5 Points you Should Include in your Movie Essay Review

When in academia, you enjoy having some leisure time to watch a movie on Netflix. Everyone loves watching them. They help us recharge our batteries and relax completely. However, writing a movie essay review is an entirely different task. Not only should you be focused all the time, but you must also provide a comprehensive piece afterward, summarizing the film and writing a paper about it. Below in this article, we will cover the 5 Points you Should Include in your Movie Essay Review.

5 Points you Should Include in your Movie Essay Review
5 Points you Should Include in your Movie Essay Review

A movie review is a living creature. It comprises numerous elements that carry many goals. The paper aims to inform the audience about the plot, highlight the movie’s strengths and weaknesses, and many other crucial components. Regardless of the genre, every film must have five common points. And this article reveals them in a broad scope.

What Is A Movie Review?

A movie review is an analysis of a particular film. Among the most important points, the film essay review has a summary, thorough analysis, and creative elements. The paper’s structure often depends on the educational institution. Before writing the essay, make sure you get familiar with the instructions and requirements your college established.

Purpose Of A Movie Review

The primary purpose is to inform the reader about the film and its central ideas and concepts. Although it might sound like an easy task, movie review writing is often challenging. This is because students can’t eradicate bias. They utilize their emotions and impressions when watching a movie. As a result, the paper ends up being oversaturated with subjective thoughts and opinions.

A review strives to wrap up the movie and convey its central message to the reader. This essay determines whether someone will want to see the film. Even though everyone might have already watched the movie, you must analyze it thoroughly and display unique elements that will make a reader think, “I should watch this movie again.”

Finally, lecturers aspire to get more insight into a learner’s writing, analytical, and critical thinking abilities. Film reviews are an excellent way to see whether you progress through academia. Besides, a movie review helps the professor see how you analyze the plot and characters and which vocabulary and grammar structures you employ.

The Five Focal Components Of Movie Essay Review

Before you immerse yourself into these points, make sure to watch the movie twice. First, watch a movie like a typical viewer. Don’t write anything down; just absorb the plot and observe the setting and actors’ play. Once you watch the movie, consider focusing on the following components:


A good movie critic knows lots of information about the movie. The same goes for you. Reading the history of making the film, locations, film director, and primary and secondary actors is crucial. When you know some background, you will understand the plot. It will help you produce the paper quicker, spending less time drafting the review and polishing it. Knowing basic information before writing the paper has always been helpful. writemyessayonline.com always follows this strategy, which is why this service is among the most qualified in the academic writing field.


Writing a summary can be tricky. See, as a writer, you have to wrap up the main content and deliver it in a small piece. On the one hand, it is easy to complete. You simply note down the main points and glue them together. But on the other hand, you have to write it so that it isn’t a full-fledged spoiler to the readers. Otherwise, no one will want to watch the movie after you have told everything about it. There is a thin edge that divides a peerless summary and a complete spoiler.

You have to include critical points in it, indubitably. But you have to add them without revealing everything that lay before or after it. To succeed in writing a summary for your movie essay review, assume that no one has seen the film, including you. What would you like to see in a summary? Your job is to explain what occurred in the film and say whether it was successful.

Telling your readers that you liked or disliked the film is a severe mistake. You must remain professional and back up your words with particular reasons.


Writing about a film director is another crucial component. Carry out research and find more about a filmmaker. Check their filmography and read reviews on other films. What do they tell about the creator? Is that individual a controversial person? Was this figure involved in some political scandals? Does the filmmaker have films that make them recognizable? Include several sentences about the director to define the film’s importance.

Significance and relevance to your class

Whatever film you analyze and write about (meaning whether your teacher assigned it to you or you selected it yourself), make sure to find correlations with your class. It might be hard to capture something that fits into your course topic. Nonetheless, look for components that are somewhat connected with your syllabus. That is, if this is your history class assignment, look for historical elements that clearly describe the era. If it’s your English class, focus on actors’ language, their use of vocabulary, and grammar. You can also compare the film with the book if it was screening.

Creative elements

Every movie has its own peculiarities. Without them, a film is doomed to fail. Before proceeding to this step, re-watch the movie. But this time, prepare a pen and paper to note down all the following points you will include in your paper:

  • Direction: Movies reflect the filmmaker’s viewpoint. Write down exclusive signs that make a film unique.
  • Cinematography: Observe techniques used in the film. There are myriad strategies directors utilize (e.g., Dutch angle, bird’s eye shot, close up shot).
  • Editing: Look at how scenes switched. Analyze whether they were awkwardly cut or cohesive. You can also count the number of cuts.
  • Writing: Peruse the script. Was it meaningful or pointless? Did you like or dislike the plot (be reasonable when taking a stance)?
  • Costume Design: Check the clothing. Was it relevant to the film? If it was a medieval movie, did clothing pertain to the era?
  • Sound: Listen to the sound. Was it right? Did it help raise suspense and/or provide relief?

The Bottom Line

This article reveals the most critical points you have to include in your movie essay review. If you are a movie geek, bookmark this website and follow it on a daily basis. Stay tuned!

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