Robot 2.0 Box Office Collection, Hit Or Flop


2.0 Box Office Collection
This article has a detailed report of 2.0 Box office Collection across different regions including worldwide collection. For simply city stake, we have considered the collection of a region as the collection of the 2.0 language film, though there can be some minor difference for example between 2.0 Tamil Collection versus 2.0 Hindi Collection.

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2.0 Box Office Collection

For the first 25 days, the Total 2.0 Box Office collection is around 775 Crore against a budget of 540 Crore. There were speculations that 2.0 may outperform Bahubali 2, but that never happened.

2.0 Worldwide Box Office Collection 

2.0 Daywise Collection Worldwide
2.0 1st Day Box office Collection117.24 Cr
2.0 2nd Day Collection73.60 Cr
2.0 3rd Day Collection91.28 Cr
2.0 4th Day Collection123.37 Cr
2.0 5th Day Collection46.52 Cr
2.0 6th Day Collection40.15 Cr
7th Day Collection34.7 Cr
8th Day Collection27.31 Cr
9th Day Collection32.57 Cr
10th Day Collection36.45 Cr
Total Collection775.70 Cr

2.0 Tamil Box Office Collection 

Apart from North India, 2.0 performed really well in Tamil Nadu. It has grossed over 170 Cr from Tamil Nadu State.

2.0 Box Office Collection DaywiseTamil Nadu
2.0 1st Day Box office Collection34.00 Cr
2.0 2nd Day Collection20.14 Cr
2.0 3rd day Collection25.00 Cr
2.0 4th Day Collection26.30 Cr
2.0 5th Day Collection09.14 Cr
2.0 6th Day Collection08.06 Cr
7th Day Collection07.43 Cr
8th Day Collection05.36 Cr
9th Day Collection06.80 Cr
10th Day Collection07.57 Cr
2.0 Tamil Total Collection173.0Cr


2.0 Telugu Box Office Collection

2.0 1st Day Box office Collection19.00 Cr
2.0 2nd Day Collection13.00 Cr
2.0 3rd Day Collection15.00 Cr
2.0 4th Day Collection10.00 Cr
2.0 5th Day Collection08.50 Cr
6th Day Collection06.00 Cr
7th Day 2.0 Box Office Collection05.00 Cr
8th Day Box Office Collection03.00 Cr
9th Day Box Office Collection01.19 Cr
10th Day Box Office Collection01.80 Cr
2.0 Telugu Total Collection101.50Cr


2.0 Karnataka Box Office Collection 

2.0 1st Day Box Office Collection15.00 Cr
2.0 2nd Day Collection13.00 Cr
2.0 3rd Day Collection15.00 Cr
2.0 4th Day Collection12.00 Cr
2.0 5th Day Collection08.00 Cr
2.0 6th Day Collection03.00 Cr
7th Day Collection01.70 Cr
8th Day Collection01.30 Cr
9th Day Collection0.75 Cr
10th Day Collection0.47 Cr
2.0 Total Collection in Karnataka71. 00Cr

2.0 Hindi Box Office Collection

2.0 Hindi Collection DaywiseCollection
2.0 Hindi 1st Day Collection21.00 Cr
2.0 Hindi 2nd Day Collection17.50 Cr
2.0 Hindi 3rd Day Collection24.50 Cr
2.0 Hindi 4th Day Collection34.00 Cr
2.0 5th Day Collection13.75 Cr
6th Day Collection12.00 Cr
7th Day Collection10.00 Cr
8th Day Collection07.75 Cr
9th Day Collection05.80Cr
10th Day Collection09.15 Cr
2.0 Hindi Total Box Office Collection255 Cr


Robot 2.0 Total Box Office Prediction

There is no doubt that the movie will be doing about 100cr on its First Day Box office collection. But there is always a Good & Bad phase & hence we have our Robo 2.0 Box Office Collection Prediction.

DurationPositive TalkNegative Talk
1st day 150 Cr80 Cr
2nd day 100 Cr50 Cr
3rd day 80 Cr30 Cr
Opening weekend 340Cr200Cr
Total 800Cr500Cr


Robo 2.0 Hit or Flop

  • Robo 2.0 is one of the biggest Hit of Rajnikanth. This movie was made with a budget of 543 Cr.
  • By the 1st Week, the movie collected more than 527 Cr. Robo 2.0 Box Office Collection till now is above 800 Cr.
  • Considering our Prediction, Robo 2.0 did cross 600 Cr by the 1st Week and above 850 Cr till now.
  • Robo 2.0 Box Office Collection to Budget ratio is 1.5, which is considered to be an Average movie as per Movie-Rater HOFS (Hit or Flop Scale)

What is Movie-Rater HOFS?

Check below our scientific approach to measure if Robo 2.0 is a Hit Or Flop movie.

  • 1.3< Flop
  • 1.3- 1.8 Average
  • 1.8 – 2.5 – Hit
  • >2.5 – Super Hit

Industry Talk:

According to Business Today, Robot 2.0 is expected to break the record of Baahubali 2 & Kabali Box Office collections. As per Ramesh Bal, this movie will release in 140 Cinemas in Malaysia, which breaks the record of Rajinikanth’s Kabali which was released in 130 Cinemas.

Robot 2.0 has already made 120Cr on its pre-booking just in Tamil Nadu & the expectations have reached around 200Cr on its First-day collection.

2.0 China Release

2.0 will get a release in May 2019 on China with 56,000 Screens in 10,000 theatres. With 56,000 Screens in China, 2.0 makes the widest 3-D release for any Foreign film in History.

Comparing 2.0 with Dangal which had 9000 Screens, it looks like 2.0 will break all-time foreign film record. Lyca Production has associated with HY media to distribute the movie across China.

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